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John Howe, Inc. ("JHI") was founded in 1983 to provide computer consulting services to banks and savings and loan associations.

JHI evolved into a consulting and real estate management company in the 1990's and continues to provide those services.

In 1995, the Company invented and introduced the BackTracker vehicle locator.  This device was used by coon hunters to locate their vehicles in the woods at night.  This has since been obsoleted by the GPS.

In 2004, JHI entered the Internet world of e-commerce by developing and adding Internet based business models to its portfolio.

Presently, JHI continues to expand its Internet businesses.

JHI has developed a series of initiatives to assist the Baby Boomer generation phase into retirement.  These include websites to assist retirees with finding online retirement jobs, with locating the best retirement calculators, and how to stretch their retirement dollar.

The Company is also involved in active programs as an affiliate of Google®, eBay®, Amazon®, Site Build It®, and other major affiliate programs.

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John V. W. Howe, President



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1235 River Chase Drive, New Braunfels, TX USA 78132
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All Contacts: jvwh (at) 
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